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Domino Danderers Dander For Dosh 2011 – Please Give us MONEY!

Folk of the Blogverse and others that come to read my witterings I make no apologies for coming to you cap in hand looking for $’s £’s and €’s for this year’s Domino Danderers Dander for Dosh. Eileen and I … Continue reading

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Summit for the weekend?

First off I have to give credit to Julie Clarke, long suffering better half of Andy who danders will me on Sundays for the title of this post., both apt and more erudite that my more usual post titles. Thank … Continue reading

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The Carntogher Trail

I was all set to do some serious off road, map an compass work up the Glenshane Pass this Sunday but alas the Norn Iron Weather let me down big time when I got up. Blowing a gale and pissing … Continue reading

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The “Traditional” Twelfth of July

The 12th July or “The Glorious Twelfth” as it is known in Northern Ireland is a day when the Loyal Orange Orders celebrate …well to be honest I am not sure exactly what they celebrate, it is something to do with … Continue reading

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Slieveanorra, Glendun River and rain lots and lots of rain

This Sunday, Mr Andrew Clark and myself set ourselves the task of sumitting Slieveanorra, navigating the valley of the Glendunn river and various bits and bobs of the Antrim Hills. The weather in start contrast to last week was abysmal, … Continue reading

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Conquering the Grey Man’s Path – A mega sunday dander!

First let me say OOOO My legs hurt something awful! Gentle reader I hear you ask, “Why? Why? Why should this be so?” Well tis simple, myself and a colleague from work Mr Andrew Clark along with Ciara (C-MC) and … Continue reading

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What have we done to our children?

Yes I am a tad tiddly … ok I am drunk …but only slightly … I have been out with some chaps from work for a relaxing evening of Saporamen, Guinness and Talisker and I feel the urge to rant so rant … Continue reading

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