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A tale of two danders, swans and muck

I have been a bit remiss over the last couple of weeks and my weekly “Summit for the weekend” posts have not been quite as prompt as they should have been, but hey ho such is the way the cookie … Continue reading

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Ranting about the economy and toilet metaphors

It is odd, gentle reader, that once the little hand slides around the face of the clock on the wall and heads towards the top I am more inclined to two things. Firstly the listening to loud and sometimes very … Continue reading

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The first Sunday dander of November

Out again this Sunday with Andy Clark and his tireless Springer/Cocker puppy “Tara” and the destination choosen was the small harbour town of Portstewart some 5 miles away from Chez McDonagh. Oddly, given the last few days of deluge, pish … Continue reading

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