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Photos of early Spring at Downhill

Went for a bit of a stroll around The Downhil Mussenden Demense this morning and it was the first non-jumpered walk of the year just a tee-shirt and a walking jacket. There are times when I forget just how beautiful … Continue reading

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Do Faith Schools Fuel Sectarianism?

I got up early this morning intending to go for my usual longish Sunday dander and on looking out of the window it was in mid deluge, so I got back into bed and caught some extra ZZZZZZzzzz’s to be … Continue reading

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It is not that often that something raises a tear in my eye…

But this does … Lucidending has terminal cancer, he is pain and recognizing that his lot will only get worse he has chosen to legally end his own on Tuesday.He was bought an iPad and discovered Reddit and is sharing … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Dander

Another Sunday has rolled around and as per the last few weekends I pencilled in Sunday morning as the time when I would set out on a nice long plod around this little part of the universe that I call … Continue reading

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The Etch-A-Sketch Help Desk

Not quite wikileaks but I was recently passed this from a Friend in a call centre. I think we can all learn quite a lot from this, wise words .. wise words indeed. Q: My Etch-A-Sketch has all of these … Continue reading

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