What have we done to our children?

Yes I am a tad tiddly … ok I am drunk …but only slightly … I have been out with some chaps from work for a relaxing evening of Saporamen, Guinness and Talisker and I feel the urge to rant so rant I will!! .Be warned I am straying to the land of religion and politics so if either are something you hold great stake in … it is probably better if you stop reading now.

Every year at or around the annual 12th July Protestant Wank Spasm I am reminded of this song and I encourage you from where ever you are from to listen to it, it tells an important message. The song which was written nearly 20 years ago at the height of “the troubles” has one telling line that resonates for me …

“Up here we sacrifice our children for the worn out dreams of yesterday”

and today that was brought home in crystal clarity as I left Marks & Spenser and there was an event in progress part of what is called “The 12th Festival” or “Orangefest” which is meant to make the annual celebration of Orangism more palatable to  the general public. An attempt to sugar coat the unacceptable for the masses.

I was met with an orange band seated near the town hall with 100 or so people watching who were playing this song. This song has the edifying lines ” We are up to our knees in Fenian blood SURRENDER or your DIE” in the chorus. “Fenian” being a local word Irish word for “Catholic”. Oh such a wonderful  idea to reinforce in the minds of the locals, such a wonderful ethic to pass on to the tourists present! Now please remember this was a local council supported event, so I paid for this in my Taxes, I have given tacite support for this band and the hate it advertised on a summer’ afternoon in my town center! To make the scene 1,000 times worse in the crowd were two grandmothers gleefully teaching their 5 year old grandchildren the lyrics ensuring they used the required gusto at the “BLOOD” and “DIE” sections.

I make no apologies but if the nature of your hate filled deity by which you set such store requires such hate -he is not for me! If there is a god and he requires me to be knee deep in anyones blood he can  FUCK OFF BACK TO THE ROCK HE WAS SPAWNED UNDER
regardless of the eternity I will spend in hell for such a sentiment.

Never ever will by I knee deep in the blood of those I disagree with – NEVER !!

Never will I teach a child of mine that such behaviour is acceptable EVER!

I mourn for the innocence of my countries children for we are savages.

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  1. Made me sad to hear about the idiotic grandparents teaching their children how to hate. I agree wholeheartedly. @Chaoskay

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