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Dandering and thinking about time, life and how things change

This Sunday for the first time in many many weeks I was for one reason or another dandering on my own which afforded me the chance to walk in silence something that I actually enjoy as much as the camaraderie … Continue reading

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Summit for the weekend – Binevenagh

Righty Ho! Sunday’s dander this week was up a ridge on the North Coast above Magilligan. The ridge in question is Binn Fhoibhne (Foibhne’s peak – remember “bh” in irish is a “v”)  or Binevenagh in English.  This ridge marks … Continue reading

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Fame and Fortune await! I am a Sketchbook Project 2012 ARTIST .. So there

The ever lovely nerdgirl, geek chum and CrashTestChic Marie Scott pointed me at this website a week ago run by some very nice people called the Art House Co-op. Basically you give them a small amount of cash and they … Continue reading

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Dealing with a SKY salesman at your door

Valerie has just stopped laughing and I have at least given a poor, wet SKY salesman something to mark this day as different, Never let it be said I am not a benificent old codger. The conversation went something like … Continue reading

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Wot we done on our holidays

Alas, those arch demons of fiscally impecunious arseholery (or bankers for short) put paid to a long holiday in the sun for Val and me this year. So as it happened a spot of unexpected cash allowed us to take … Continue reading

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