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Fade to Grey

I pass this wee house  when I  go for a walk through Castleroe on the banks of the Bann. I can vaguely remember it in better days, when it still had a roof, but even then I don’t remember if … Continue reading

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N’ere cast a clout till May is out

Out for a wander today on the wee back roads on the outskirts of home and as I wandered I was reminded of this poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins Nothing is so beautiful as spring— When weeds, in wheels, shoot … Continue reading

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walking widow and grouting

There are golf widows, football widows etc etc, but am I the first walking widow? Since Stephen got his new camera and android phone his “wee danders” are rapidly turning into half marathons. He has found an app which maps … Continue reading

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Weekend Walkies Again

I really am quite impressed with “Cardiac Trainer”  for Android Phones, it is free in it’s basic form, which is more than ample for what I want it to do which is basically record where and how long my dander … Continue reading

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There are evening when nature makes you stop and HP ohhhh

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Steve’s contribution to the UK Election

I cannot let the build up to the UK elections pass without having a useful pie chart on the old Blog. Here you go and please note it is WAY more useful than the guff you get from the main … Continue reading

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Laundry leprechaun threatens strike action!

Yesterday the Irish Association of  House and Garden Slaves met to discuss the deepening crisis taking place in the McDonagh household. Their Laundry Leprechaun is threatening to go on strike if the problem of Inside -Out items in the laundry … Continue reading

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A week using the HTC Desire

Part of last weeks anniversary of Steve V1.0 I upgraded my trusty Sony Ericsson Telephone which had kept me in contact with the world for the last 5 years . You can hardly say that I am bleeding edge when … Continue reading

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Weekend Walkies

OK this weekend was ( shock-horror-climate-change-probe ) actually lovely weather, blue skies, sunny and not windy at all. It has to be said at this point that this is not unknown in April in Northern Ireland just REALLY REALLY rare! … Continue reading

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Sunday Dander – The Circuit of Portstewart

It being a Sunday and there being a big yellow thing in some blue sky, I took myself off for a dander at 9:30 this morning. I took with me my new “birthday toy” a bridge camera, not quite and … Continue reading

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