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Hospital “procedures”

This time next week I will be in hospital undergoing a “procedure” !! It involves a camera, and something that resembles a garden hosepipe, being inserted where NOTHING should ever be inserted.  I have several instructions to follow prior to … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

Was woken up early by Fizz our  demented ginger cat, standing on my pillow, peering at me and “clatting” me with his paw. I got up, fed him and his sister Kizzy,  let them out  and  marvelled at yet another  … Continue reading

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Gardening and sore bits

Today was absolutely glorious , blue skies , warm sunshine and a little dancing breeze so I decided to do some gardening for my lovely Mum in law, Isobel. She has artificial knees, is in her ” golden years ” … Continue reading

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Uncle John

My Uncle John died on Wednesday. He was my Mum’s wee brother and the only family adult when I was a teen who REALLY understood the zen of rugby. In the eyes of his nephews and nieces he was the … Continue reading

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Sorry … but this post is full of cats

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Weddings, wine, volcanoes and other stuff.

It’s been a wee while since I shared my thoughts with anyone daft enough to be interested so here goes. HOTS and I went to Paul and Lynne’s wedding last weekend where I was ambushed by a bottle of wine … Continue reading

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EH?? Google ads do something odd on my Geek Blog

(Click to Biggy up the piccie) I know I am not the most svelt of geeks and I am much “svelter” than I was but the none to subtle dig that Google ads got at me today by posting an … Continue reading

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Dandering a definition

I was asked at the weekend what a dander was (is) And a Dander is a part of the SI unit for  bipedal motion The full Dander Scale is as follows in ascending velocity Stationary Slope / Stagger* Stroll Promenade** … Continue reading

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The Northern Ireland leaders debate

Oh I am so glad I recorded it! From the opening statements not quite the ‘same old same old’ but very close. Economy Big gerry – only viable if united Ireland and Margaret is mad and prob regrets putting the … Continue reading

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