Picture Re-homing Page

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Welcome to the Painting Re-homing Page

Basically I have done the paint-and-sell thing and yes the £’s were nice to get and I still do it from time to time. However it meant that I was painting what I knew might sell rather than what I wanted to paint. There are 1000’s of pictures, drawings and paintings in my head and more appear everyday, particularly if I see a new and exciting image that tweaks my creative juices. So about 10 years ago I stopped painting for the buying public and started painting for me and I ended up with a room full of canvases. I needed a way of getting rid of my creations.

So I started to just give them to people who went “Ohhhh that’s nice I like that” and as a result I have paintings in China, El Salvador, America, Canada and all over the EU, which is pretty cool from the POV that I can say I am an “international” artist. Over the years I have evolved this into the idea of “Play it forward” . Art including my somewhat odd efforts does have a value and whilst my joy at having someone like a painting was worth it to me it went no further than that.

All I ask of people who want an original “Steve” on their wall is that they Play-It-Forward with a random act of kindness, a donation to their favourite charity, an unexpected call to a friend or indeed stranger to go for a cup of coffee or lunch … anything that makes someone else smile and have a better day. It is entire up to you and I do not need to know what you did .. and there is the beauty of it. My pictures may make you smile and want to hang them on the wall, that makes me smile, you then make someone else smile and so the cascade of smiles continues.

So how does this Painting Re-homing work?

1. You see a picture or indeed pictures in the gallery you would like to own
2. Check the Description to see if it is available
3. Note the number
4. Contact me, email is probably best, telling me your address and the number of the picture you want to mcdonaghs@utvinternet.com
or message me on Facebook, tweet me on Twitter, plus me on google or send a carrier pigeon to casa McDonagh
5. I send you the picture somehow 🙂 I have “ways and means” and international is usually no problem as Duffbert and Joe Litton can testify
6. You do something nice for someone else.
The end.

Enjoy 🙂

PS Several People have felt that they would feel better if some £$€ changed hands
if you are one of those people you can if you wish but do NOT feel obliged to, drop
whatever you feel is appropriate in my paypal account mcdonaghs@utvinternet.com

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