Domino Danderers Dander For Dosh 2011 – Please Give us MONEY!

Folk of the Blogverse and others that come to read my witterings I make no apologies for coming to you cap in hand looking for $’s £’s and €’s for this year’s Domino Danderers Dander for Dosh.

Eileen and I are going to walk the Moyle Way on the 19th August this year. 26 miles of mainly off road dandering in the Glens of Antrim. We may well will be joined by some of the “AVX Bog Faeries” and perhaps a couple of bods from This will be a long hard dander for this old grumpy codger and I fully expect to be punctured at the end of it.

So why am I and the rest of the team here cap in hand looking for cash from my friends, colleagues and the odd total stranger? Well for the past couple of days the news out of East Africa is getting pretty grim. Only last night I was in tears watching the 10 o’clock news as a child too weak to scream was brought back from the brink of starvation and dehydration by the doctors working in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.This camp was built to care for 90,000 but it has swollen to 400,000 with 1000+ new arrivals everyday, each arrival brings chilling tales of horror and anguish, like this…

…A mother of six was forced to decide today whether to leave behind her daughter, who is simply too sick to travel, in order to save the rest of her family. Suffering from malnutrition, her daughter wasn’t strong enough to continue with their 30-day, 50-mile journey from Somalia into neighboring Kenya. The mother, who was so traumatized that she couldn’t continue describing her ordeal to the doctors or to even give her name, had to leave her child by the side of the road to die where she was left, unburied for the wild scavengers.

I sit here at my desk, comfortable, warm , well fed and well watered and I feel guilty , as well I might, that I am so well served by my lifestyle. Death does not sit as an un-invited guest at my table each evening. I am never faced with making the choice of which of my family will live and which will die because there is not enough to go round … I and you gentle reader are lucky, really really lucky!

Eileen, I and our dandering friends will be walking a mere 26 miles, in comfy boots, well supplied with liquids and sandwiches. We will end up in a pub and raise a few glasses to our achievement but that achievement will be as nothing to those now walking to the refugee camps . These are men, women and children for whom each step is an achivement! Therse are the people that are dying NOW and we can help stop it NOW.

If you know Eileen or myself and would perhps buy us a pint at a LUG event please please please buy us a pint now, buy us 2 or 3 or even 4, whatever you can manage. Visit our Just Giving page and click the DONATE button and give what you can. You can give on this site no matter what country you are from.

To quote Bob Geldolf  at live aid  “Give us your F***ing Money NOW!” 🙂

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for giving

** Update **
The Current List of Walkers :
Steve McDonagh
Eileen Fitzgerald
Andy Clarke

** Update **
It has been suggested that a donation might be made if I were to do the dander in a kilt and have pictures taken … Hmmm we shall see about that.

** Update **
Now I have been asked for doing it in either (a) A Yellow Kilt (b) A Yellow Tutu or (c) a Yellow Mankini I would appreciate feed back on this



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