Greek tour 2010 Sunday 30th August

Up early again, what is it with holidays and arising early? I suppose it is some form of “don’t want to waste it” subconscious thingumydoodah.

Breakfasted & swam, then down to harbour for a metreo coffee and a spot of “spot the tourist with sunburn” Foolish foolish people who take perverse pleasure in going lobster pink and glowing in a totally shameless way… and in public too!

Back up to Val who has now found her sunbathing stride even though it is a lot warmer than we were expecting.

Did my first stone painting mainly to get my eye in and then some sketching in the afternoon. ValĀ  and i held a high level meeting after lunch and it was decided that tea may or may not contain pumpkin croquettes.

Spiro, Helios’s asbestos clad donkey, much in eyyvidence today. one does wonder does his tail get shinged? Helios being a god and can quite happily be in 2 places at the same time, noticed a shoal of bluefin tuna and nipped off for a spot of fishing. So nice to come across a divine being who isn’t off deflowering virgins or making stuffy commandments about what orifices are on or more usually off limits.

The pumpkin croquette conundrum was successfully resolved come tea time with the addition of dipping sauce and a tomato and cucumber salad for val and an enormous plate of sardines for me

Several ouzos sealed the deal and all participants declared themselves both satisfied and replete.

And so to bed ….

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