Greek tour Saturday 28th

Awoke early and watched the The God Helios hitch his  heavenly but asbestos clad donkey Spiridon to the flaming chariot and together they plodded upward from behind the “2 brothers” a duet of uninhabited islands some 4miles away.

After a spot of breakkie on the terrace SWMBO and I headed to the pool area to collect our thoughts and prepare for the ardours of the days hectic schedule.

Having been frequent if irregular visitors to alonissos  we felt it may be a good idea to go to the welcome meeting just once. Val and I drew cocktail umbrellas and I lost. After a long dander of some 5 minutes I arrived at the Anais taverna  were after several ouzos, a double Greek coffee and a plate of meze I discovered that the fruit shop lady had indeed retired and the big hyper yacht in the harbour had a crew member whose only job was the cleansing of the owners bottom post morning rest stop , a cheeky boy so speak.

Repairing to the Paradise hotel laden with nectarines tor val, I set up for a busy afternoon of snoozing and painting …. bliss

Managed to paint 2 wee piccies on blank postcards  then felt rather guilty about not supporting local shops but assuaged the guilt with beer and the thought that the recipients would enjoy hand crafted cards more than shop bought ones

Showered and bouffonted (??) V and me headed out for some tea in the Anais. Victor the patient and very excellent matre de remembered us!  We had a hearty end entirely veggie meal eased down with lashings of ice cold mythos beer

…. a slow dander back to the hotel, a nightcap and off to bed.

Odd how some places reasonate at your own frequency and you fall into a state of contentment very quickly.

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