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A Spot of Christmas Spam Baiting

Background My Mother, Isobel, lives 10 houses down the road from us at #14 and is one of the “Silver Surfers” using her computer and now iPad Mini daily for internety stuff. She is pretty saavy when it comes to … Continue reading

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Guest Blogpost – A DUP Pamphlet admirably dissected and rebutted

Steve Writes Many of you will know that I am not naturally one who has a lot of time for the Northern Ireland Political Arena or the folk that ply their trade in the corridors of power in Stormount, Westminster … Continue reading

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The Global recession and its affects on the Intergluteal Cleft

It is a sad indictment of the state we find ourselves living in that the cut backs and fiscal penny pinching has reached such a proportion that it has reached into the very private inner sanctum of silent contemplation that … Continue reading

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Of Public Meetings and engaging with the powers that be.

Tonight I totally forgot that Flowerfield Arts Center pottery class was deferred by a week because of the launch of the NW200 2013 events program. However I noticed while hovering around reception that there was a public meeting being held … Continue reading

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.o0( Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. )

Today was a day of an ending – The last “t” was crossed the last “i” dotted and a big tear stained full stop was placed at the end of the last sentence of the last paragraph of the life … Continue reading

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Ponderings on the value we put on “things”

Tis Sunday a day of rest and reverie and as such that is what I am doing with the help of Faure’s Requiem – a great piece for a Sunday morning at the end of a bad week. The week … Continue reading

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Norn Iron, Flegs, Fleg Poles, Rioting and their importance

I realise that with all the twitter and FB guff that has been around since the #fleg debacle and the ripples of spleen, golf balls, paint bombs and broken glass, some people not from “Norn Iron” will be confused as … Continue reading

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Farewell Uncle Henry!

Just found out my Uncle Henry, from the Canadian branch of the family, one of life’s true quiet gentlemen and a A+ first grade go to the top of the class Uncle has died 🙁 Although this was not unexpected … Continue reading

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My evening with Sanal Edamaruku, Irish Atheism, the whore of Ballymena and a career change

Gentle reader, here I sit in the kitchen of Casa McDonagh typing this post and sipping a cup of coffee in quiet contemplation prior to retiring for the night after a most interesting evening. I was at a special meeting … Continue reading

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The dangers of Demons and paying the Visa Bill

…an odd thing happened yesterday. I had to go into town at dinner time to pay the Visa bill and other deeply boring chores. As I turned the corner into the Diamond (or town square if you are not from … Continue reading

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