Sunday’s Dander

Another Sunday has rolled around and as per the last few weekends I pencilled in Sunday morning as the time when I would set out on a nice long plod around this little part of the universe that I call home. Last week I aimed at and achieved 10 miles without the gammy leg protesting so this week I aimed at somewhere around 15 miles and 3 cheers managed it and the leg held up well, although I have to say that from 13 miles on I was a bit unpleasantly stiff, so I may need to do this a few more times before it becomes totally pleasant.

Click here to see the route I took

Spring is just around the corner and although today was a bit grey at the edges it was mild and pleasant to walk the by-roads of Ulster.Here are some photos that I took on my dander..*(click on the piccie below to go to the FB Gallery)

Spring Fungii

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