Steve’s Christmas Message for 2013

It is nearly time for bed and after this brief unconscious hiatus I will awake to the dawn of one of the “special” days. Sitting as it does deep in the heart of winter it is a day (for us northern hemisphere types) when warmth is a priority. We value warmth and rightly so but not just the physical warmth of a well heated room the warmth that comes from family, friends and indeed strangers. We instinctively feel the need to connect with family members near and far, exchange gifts, news and renew the feeling of ‘family’.

We pull in our friends into this newly invigorated circle of ‘family’ and every person we touch and in turn touches us spreads and strengthens the connections we need to thrive and enjoy life.

So before the rush starts tomorrow I am reaching out to all my family Val, Niall,Isobel,Janet,Mike,Ruth,Tim, Chris, Downey, Joy, Barry, Andy, Sebastian, Ali, Cathy, Francis,Hilary, Jonathan, Peter, Moana, Conor,Poppy, Natasha,Paul,Karen,John,Madeline, Simon,Jessica , Peter and Leo in a monster McDonagh,Page,White,Litherland,Moore {{{{{HUG}}}}} and 3 cheers to you all for being an A+, first class, gold star, proper pukka, super, whizz bang family I am proud and blissfully happy to be a member of. Lets hear it for us all and raise a glass and a bigger rousing 4th cheer and a big smile to those missing from the dinner table who we miss dearly and remember fondly!

To all my friends near and far no need to be shy come and join the HUG for without you the world would be a sadder empty colourless place. You support me when I do strange things like walk up the great glen in a kilt and pith helmet, you provide constant help both professionally and socially even when you do not have to or have precious little time to spare. I value you more than space or time permits me to express other than a simple thank you for being my friends

To the strangers I have yet to meet and may wander across this post by accident come on in there is room enough for you all in this super HUG, we may end up hating each other but we can start off on the right foot.

To the people i dislike …. well there is room for you too for what use happiness if it cannot be shared with everyone if only once in the year.

So with that I raise my glass of beer to you all every single one and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a stonking, throbing, life filled, joyous 2014!

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