Of beer, teenage memories and being thanked

As the rogue purple underpants of Saturday begin their assault on the whites-only wash cycle of Sunday destiny, and the twin buttocks of Birthdays are sucked into the malfunctioning chemical toilet of my own natal anniversary I find myself sitting  at the computer sucking my creative pencil and sipping on a bottle of Barcelona’s finest Estrella lager.

My sageous words of this even-tide concern small happenings from long ago that echo through the decades. Rather than sit on my arse this evening watching Inspector Montellbano on the TV I thought would wander down to my local and have a pint or two and just watch the world go by with a chum. So it was this in mind I did just that and ended up sitting on the steps of  “The Old Courthouse” sipping a pint of Guinness.

The Old Court house

… and twas there I was approached by a lady, the conversation went thusly :-

Her: Excuse me can I interupt?

Me: Of course

Her: Do you remember 1974?

Me: Errrrrr… not really

Her: You were at a scout/guide disco and you asked me to dance

Me: I did?

Her: Yes – it was my first disco and you were the first boy I ever danced with

after a moment of full text index searching of deep memory:
Me: …. oh .. yes.. was it T-Rex “Get It On”?

(now why i remember the song I have no idea at all but i did)

Her: Yes [big smile] you remember?!!! That was it. It was the first disco my parents allowed me to go to and everyone was dancing except me and you asked me to dance
and I just wanted to say thank you … so … thank you.

Me: errrr… no problem … 🙂

Her: My Friends were all asked to dance before me and I was terrified but you were nice to me – it was a good first dance.

Me: [now blushing furiously] Sure thats fine, no problem ….

…and with that she turned and went back to her husband who was standing some feet away.

Now I have to add at this point than the memory of the incident is very very weak it being 38 years ago, I do remmeber that we were told to dance with “ALL” the guides and there may have been a scout leader poking me with a stick so perhaps my act of kindness was not quite so spontaneous as the lassie thinks.

But then .. for whatever reason she remembered the disco, the song and the fact I asked her to dance even after all these years. So in this world of “Social enablement” and an overpowering desire for celebrity it would pay us all to remember that it is not just the BIG things we do that we will be remembered by.
The things that to us are small and insignificant may be big important things to others … A fact that my dance partner from long long ago brought home to me today.

Thank you for the “thank you” I am almost positive it was not deserved however I did appreciate you saying it and thank you for remembering.

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