1000 Miles walked in 10 Months!!

Away back on the 10th April last year I set myself a target of 1000 miles before the 10th April 2012. I passed the 1000 mile target yesterday 2 months early!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 looking at my stats collected by Cardiotrainer (an Android app) I averaged 99.75 miles a month, and of the 1000 miles I did 478 miles of uphill walking and 522 miles of downhill walking – not quite sure why I have and excess of downhill walking, perhaps the bon mot that “everything goes downhill after 50” is actually true. I averaged a speed of 3.1 mph and burned 627 bananas worth of calories (they also use avacadoes but I HATE avacadoes).

Since I am looking at 1200 miles this year I have re-set my target to 1300 miles which means I have to walk 150 miles in Feb 150 miles in March (and the first 10 days of April) which is do-able but not easy-peasy.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Great job

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