Ranting about the economy and toilet metaphors

It is odd, gentle reader, that once the little hand slides around the face of the clock on the wall and heads towards the top I am more inclined to two things. Firstly the listening to loud and sometimes very strange music and secondly thinking thoughts that perhaps one shouldn’t which lead me siren like into the land of dangerous ideas.

So it is let’s see 23:50 I am drinking beer, listening to hard core trance remixes and wondering why are I am sitting around on my arse watching the world go to hell in a hand basket, 30 years ago I would be painting placards, protesting, knocking the helmets off policemen and doing odd things to traffic cones… so what has changed?

I sit transfixed by reports of the shitty economy, the bail out deals, those nasty campaginers in their smelly tents outside St.Pauls cathedral DO THEY NOT KNOW IT IS A CHURCH AND THE BABY JESUS IS CRYING BECAUSE OF THEM!!!…. ooops sorry I must have stood too close to a copy of the Daily Mail when I was in town today … where was I? … oh yes in mid-toilet metaphor … I (and as far as I can see so is everyone else) am transfixed as I watch “my life” slide slowly down the quantatively-eased-unethically-invested-massively-bounesed porcelain sides of the “free market” toilet.¬† The sides of the self same toilet have been well greased with the lick-spittle of that economic toilet duck, Alan Greenspan and his cronies. I have been so caught up in the wonderous guff spouted by the very people that got us in this fucking mess about how they are going to “fix” it that I have only just noticed that the fecking Bankers have stolen all the metaphorical¬† toilet paper and the populations of whole countries like Greece, Italy and dear old Ireland will have to hop around, their collective trousers around their ankles hoping someone (probably China) has a tissue we can borrow.

Are we totally buggered? Is this why the Mayan Calendar ends next year? I hope not but I do have one question. Why are we letting the very people who got us into this mess get us out. They didn’t “notice the flaw” the first time so why oh why oh why will they be any better now? Have we all gone totally mad??

Sod this for a game of soliders, I am off to bed, before I start planning a revolution that involves bankers, economists, their over paid arses and red hot pokers!

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