Getting My HTC Desire repaired by Carphone Warehouse\Geek Squad (part 4 The end!)

I got my HTC Back!


Got a call today from the local Carphone Warehouse chappies to say my replacement phone had arrived in store and was ready for pickup.

Having just been hit by a car last night, knocked off my motorbike and a trip to the local hospital, this came as very good news to yours truely … more on that in a later post.

It seems the delays on the way out were more than made up for by the speed on the way back. Now I do have to add if this is the case then the inital fault would appear to lie with the couriers, now I do not know who they were or they would be named and shamed.

When the phone came to be looked by Geek Squand and HTC they decided in less than a day that it was a lost cause and I have a nice new shiney working HTC desire back in my sticky palm 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Overall the experience was coloured by the 8 days it took things to happen at the start which was perhaps beyond the scope of CPW or GS’s control.  If I subtract that from the equation 9/10 … well done on that score

Now off to reload all my apps and data 🙂

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  1. Kev Sampson says:

    Hi Steve,

    Just read with interest your comments re the repair of your HTC desire. Like you I have had the unfortunate task of having to send mine off for repair although mine sounds a little less drastic. My desire fell a total height of prob about 2 feet from the arm chair to the carpet……hardly a great fall but sadly enough for it to go completely mad and not function correctly. Problems encountered are: trackball not working, curser jumps backwards when trying to text and jumps through various menus.
    Like you I purchased my phone through Carphone Warehouse and so thought they could assist. With one of their ‘express repair centres’ being closeby I thought great with “80 %” of problems apparently being fixed in store I thought this would all be sorted in one little visit. How wrong i was!!
    So the guys at CW took my phone and said they would need to send it away to their central repair centre. I have since been tracking the progress of it online. I left the phone with them on the 7th October. As soon as I got home the phone was shown as being recieved in store. So far so good.
    The next update was that it was being sent to their High Tech repair centre in Wednesbury in the West Midlands. I know Im in Devon and the post can be slow down this way but still – 4 days to get there!!!? Like you I could have walked there and delivered it myself! It gets better……..i then had an update saying that it couldnt be repaired there and so it has been sent on to HTC themsleves, this was on the 14th Oct. From researching it looks like this is possibly in Slough as that is where HTC repairs appear to be based. It is now the 26th Oct and there has been no further progress since. They have estimated that the whole process, what with it having to be sent to HTC, will take it up to 28 days which makes the magical term date as being 3rd Nov. Once and if it ever gets repaired it still has the remaining 3 stages to cover: TESTED, then PREPARING FOR DELIVERY TO STORE and then finally READY TO COLLECT. I can’t believe it has taken this long for something that is so minor in my opinion. I would understand it if my phone was in bits but this surely is a software problem and as to the problem with the trackball surely it cant take HTC all this time to fit a new one!!? Luckily it is all under the manufacturers warranty so there wont be any cost but how annoying. I will keep you posted!

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