Getting My HTC Desire repaired by Carphone Warehouse\Geek Squad (part 3)

A bit like waiting for a bus, nothing for ages and then 3 come at once. My HTC repair has moved on today when I checked it has gone to HTC in Milton Keynes for repairs.

Off to HTC for a look see

Rather worryingly that means it could be another 28 days!


However HTC’s web site says

We estimate that we will normally be able to complete orders and return the units to most mainland addresses in the UK within 5 working days from receipt of the unit.

OK lets extrapolate out the repair time … It took 8 Days to get to the Midlands Geek Squad Repair center and it now has to get to HTC in Milton Keynes some 75 miles away, let’s say 5 days to make that trip, 5 days for the repair, 5 days to get back to the Midlands, 2 days for Geek Squand QC checks and then 8 days to get back to me so around a 33 day turn around.

<sigh> I am not holding my breath but I am wondering what sort of insurance I have paid for.

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