Getting My HTC Desire repaired by Carphone Warehouse\Geek Squad (part 2)

Monday 20th
Well it’s Monday evening .. 19:40 so lets check the Carphone Warehouse Web Site to see what has happened to my beloved HTC.. (see part 1 in the post below)

No Change

Nope hasn’t arrived yet .. so much for the
It can take up to 4 days to get to our repair centre” in the brochure
I left it in before 13:00 on the 13th .. it is now 7 full days later and not a sausage.
Time to call in with the shop tomorrow!

Tuesday 21st

Yippee! Movement on the web site and Twitter.
I was tied up in meetings and work all day but around dinner time I checked and this is what I saw.

It has arrived and is being “Diagnosed” only took twice as long as advertised but at least it has arrived! As of this post (23:40) the status remains “Diagnosis” I hope this is an indication of the depth to which they are testing, rather than procrastination.

When I got home @CPWCARES had replied to one of the 4 tweets I had left

So I followed the link which lead to an HTML to mail form and I send them a message it which I voiced my disquiet at the nearly 8 days it had taken to get from Coleraine to
the Midlands. I could have walked there and hand  delivered it in that time!

I also voiced my mounting concern that the phone was being “diagnosed” with a view to a repair.

The HTC desire has an array of sensors

  • Sensor
  • Digital compass
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • GPS Antenna
  • 5 mega pixel CMOS camera
  • Wireless and mobile antennas

Most of these in my experience (25 years in the electronic industry) do not cope well with collisions particularly short sharp impacts and given this phone has several short sharp impacts on stairs followed by a big one after a long drop down a stair well onto concrete. I made my position clear that if a repair was effected that I would be looking at their test results with some interest before I accepted it was “fixed”.

Off the email went and I await their reply with interest as we enter day #9 which is twice as long as the longest time Orange took to sort out a problem of a damaged phone.

So it is now Midnite Tuesday to be in the bell curve of their repair tracker web page quote below it needs to be back Friday

We’ll need to send your device to our central repair centre to get it fixed. It can take up to 10 working days for your product to arrive back in store for you to collect.

Let us see what happens

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