Getting My HTC Desire repaired by Carphone Warehouse\Geek Squad (part 1)

My beloved HTC Desire got damaged by a near fatal accidental drop onto concrete. In summary it fell , it bounced several times, it fell into bits and the screen was smashed, really really badly. Oddly when the battery was put back in and the phone reassembled it worked even through the screen was cracked and acted more like a cheese grater making it next to useless.

But “Not to worry” for when I got the phone from Carphone Warehouse I signed up for their Geek Squad Mobile Max policy which came in a very nice looking brochure where on page #1 I was told “Relax Stephen” and was costing me £11.99 a month.

Now being an Orange customer of many years standing I have usually purchased my phones and their covering insurance directly from Orange and found them to be excellent. The longest time I have had with them when I have had a problem was 4 days before either a repair was affected or a new phone appeared. On this occasion I chose Carphone Warehouse for my update and I have to say up until now I was very satisfied.

So off I went to my local Carphone Warehouse in Coleraine and dutifully left off my phone which the local chaps agreed was well and truely broken and they said it had to be sent to their repair center. I was offered another phone which i didn’t really need as my old phone (a sony ericsson) was still hale and hearty but in need of a charge,

I have been following the state of the repair on the web. The website thinks I am called “Mr Mc” which I have to say is midly annoying. What is more annoying is that the screen below has not changed since Monday. This is the state today Sunday 19th 6 days and still no sign of it arriving in their repair center!
Given that it took my postcards from Alonissos took 8 days to arrive in Northern Ireland from a small island at the end of the ferry route in Greece I am finding this really quite worrisome. This does not bode well so I tweeted it and Facebooked my growing anxiety and lack of “Stephen Relax” promised in the brochure

Tweet #1
Tweet #2

Let’s see what Social Networking can do to speed things up, if nothing changes by close of play tomorrow I will call in and see if a real life person makes a difference.

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One Response to Getting My HTC Desire repaired by Carphone Warehouse\Geek Squad (part 1)

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m waiting to see how this compares with my recent Applecare experience.

    MB Pro dies (logicboard failure). Applecare support (telephone) sends me to a repairer who no longer services macbooks. I ring back and he apologises and suggests I go to Bury St Edmunds 58 miles away from my house instead! So I counter with Apple shop Cambridge (45 miles away), and they book an appointment for me at a mutually agreed time.

    I turn up at the agreed time apparently 24hrs after the time the support guy actually booked it for! I’m a bit cross by this time and the store manager did his best and managed to join two iPod genius sessions together so the could see me but only if I could hang around for two hours.

    Two hours and an expensive Pret lunch for four and five minutes in the company of the Genius later they take the MBP away. I lay out £99 to replace the battery in my Macbook so I can use that instead.

    They keep the MBP for two weeks, and make no attempt to keep me informed as to what’s happening. I ring them several times and they can’t tell me anything useful e.g. when it might be returned.

    So until the day that they rang me to say come and collect it, I had no idea when it might be returned.

    I’m hoping you have a better experience 🙂

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