The Team

On the team this year are 3 brave walkers

Steve McDonagh
Talking to Steve has been compared to having a conversation with Prof Brian Cox, while he is reprogramming the Large Hadron Collider, making another “amaaaaazing stars” documentphotoary for the BBC and playing D-Ream’s one an only hit on the xylophone at the same time …. and I have to say it is a pretty fair description. Steve does lots of things but only one or two are considered useful by the rest of humanity in general and by his long suffering wife Val in particular. One of these rare things is Danderering (a Norn Iron Word for walking) and he has been on the Dander4Dosh14,13,12,11 and 10, wearing a variety of very suitable outfits, this year is no different. The other thing he is good at, if your are interested, is being convenient for blame attribution – if it is broke or suddenly acquires a spiderman suit it was probably his fault.

Steve is a retired NASA astronaut, has had his paintings hung at the Royal Society’s summer exhibition and is the Over 50 NI Bog Snorkeling champion 2014.*
[*only one of the above is strictly true]

Vitor Peieria
Vitor is from Portugal but we do not hold that against him. Unfortunately he believed Steve when he told him that it was a good idea to live in Bangor he is putting on a brave face but we know the deep pain he is feeling. Steve is in no doubt that he will pay for that in the fullness of time.

Vitor attempted to become the 2013 Cigar Rolling Champion unfortunately the e1780706_10151920992083244_1876590323_nmail bounced and the dusky maiden created such a fuss that Vitor has never been allowed back into Lichtenstein.
He also achieved some fame in 2001 by representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest with the self penned “Oi Oi Oi meu modem está quebrado“. He also wears a mean Iron Man Onesie when he visits Armagh. {Can you spot the true one?]

Eileen Fitzgerald
Eileen is from the Republic of Cork were she was in charge of being in charge. She is credited with inventing the interrogation technique  which has become known as “clipboarding”. She lists amongst her skills wine, “cat herding” and “getting 307013_2064045554557_2825030_nlost in her shoe cupboard”.
She is,like Steve, a veteran of the 5 Dander4Doshs and even survived the 2012 Moyle Way Kilt disaster so you can imagine the stern stuff of which she is made!

Eileen is the 2008.2009,2010 all comers Pinot Noir drinking champion, supports wild life by knitting warm jackets for orphan sloths, is a target for the Irish Paperazzi and may be taller than Paul Mooney. [Do you need a hint as to the true one?]

We are really quite nice people and we would just love to meet our
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And this year The Mutt’s Nutt’s are on board making us look good which I realize is a tall order but they have risen to the challenge and are providing shirts that will make us stand out from the crowd and very probably will make us visible from space. The make excellent quality shirts (I have one of my own) and their service is faultless!